Instead of killing an arab, try killing Allah.

by Freddy GdiP

kill allah

The recent kidnapping of 200 hundred nigerian girls by an extremist islamic group has induced me to express an opinion that might seem a bit excessive to some but which I feel is the best course of action in order to stop the continuous threat of religious terrorism everywhere: Instead of concentrate on killing the terrorists themselves, we should concentrate on killing their raison d’être: Allah.

The reason why -at least most-  terrorists kill innocent people everywhere and make the life of women miserable all over Northern Africa and the Near East is because of their religious beliefs. Because their deity says that women are inferior to men and can´t have access to education, justice, medical procedures, driving vehicles, freedom to choose their marriage, their job, the way they dress, and many more pearls of divine wisdom. Because their deity says that any person who does not believe in Allah is an infidel and deserves to die. Because their deity is so insecure that can´t stand a joke and needs its followers to express death threats every time a caricature of Allah emerges. Because their deity says that if they die killing infidels, then the soul of the terrorist will spend eternity in a place filled with virgins for him to enjoy.

Therefore, the way to end religious crimes is to eliminate religion. How do we do that? A massive campaign of education and atheism. A massive infiltration and over flooding and over saturation of atheist propaganda in every single medium available. A massive campaign of education, specially reading and writing skills, math, basic physics and science would reduce greatly the number of muslims because religions are a symptom of ignorance. It´s not by accident that Islam, the world´s most brutal and ignorant religion, thrives in under-developed countries with poorly educated populations and the best way to fight it is to educate the masses.

Extremists of any religion are primitive, brutal and dangerous. But none more so than extreme muslims. Just last week a sudanese pregnant woman was sentenced to lashing and death for marrying a non-muslim man. How can anybody seriously defend a religion that requires this? A religion that does this is a setback to Evolution and it must disappear for good.

You might think that depriving a person of its beliefs is a cruel thing to do but cutting a young girl´s nose and genitalia and throwing acid in her face just because she wants to study is something that goes way beyond cruel. Such crimes are a much greater offence to the entire Mankind than eliminating a religion.

13-01-2015 update: The attack on the Charlie Habdo creators perpetrated by a couple of jihad monkeys has prompted me to start using toilet paper with the face of Allah in it. Such crimes don´t provoke fear or a newfond sense of respect for a religion but quite the opposite. Now more than ever I am convinced that islam should and will be wipped off the Earth for good. Be it by military action or by sheer evolution, islam has an expiration date.