Religion is an artificial conscience.

by Freddy GdiP

PatchSuperstition comes from ignorance. What this means is that what mankind doesn’t understand it mystifies. Example: Thousands of years ago, our ancestors thought fire was a divinity. Now we know fire is nothing but a chemical reaction between substances. Here’s another example: Hundreds of years ago folks thought the earth was flat and its mass was sustained by giant turtles. Now we know better. Yet one more example: Decades ago the origin of the universe was a complete mystery, but since then, with the Big Bang theory -the actual theory, not the sitcom-, more powerful telescopes, the Large Hadron Collider and all the other scientific discoveries we are getting closer than ever to discovering the origin of the Universe.

Leaving all the political intentions of religion aside and the fact that the very concept of “God” reeks of humanity –otherwise how can such a typically human idea define the terms of existence for the entire universe?- religion is quite simply the evolution of superstition into a more complex system to organize itself. Its only power resides in the things mankind can’t yet explain. As we unveil the mysteries of the universe this field of influence gets smaller and more abstract each time. The current argument in favor of religion is the supposed existence of a Superior Power that manages the universe and is responsible for the perfection of nature. Truth is, nature doesn’t need any kind of Superior Intelligence to tell it what to do. Everything happens as a consequence of something else and that is it. There’s no Higher Power that separates us from the animals. We are what we are solely because of the blind selection process of evolution.  Out of the thousands of fishes that came out of the water, eventually a few managed to breathe, and in the same way some mammals survived through the ice age, some monkey learned to beat other monkeys with a club, some caveman learned how to make fire, etc. Evolution is nothing but a sequence of events in a given timeline. There’s no particular scheme to it and it’s not a particularly brilliant system either. Out of millions of tryouts, errors and repetitions, some fish actually got to the point were it could breathe in dry land, some little rat got deep enough under a tree as to cape the weather, etc.

Truth is, all you need to become God yourself is time. If you could live a couple hundred million years instead of a lousy hundred you could place some water inside a Petri dish, let it sit for a few million years, watch it become a bug colony or a jelly fish or some other life form and voilà, you have achieved the exact same thing God has.

But don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying God is a bad thing. Or religion, for that matter. At least not in every case. Not to mention the fact that religion is an artificial conscience and as such it has prevented an unthinkable amount of terrible things from happening, we’ve all seen desperate people turn to religion and God in search of comfort when tragedy strikes. And we’ve all seen people find peace in the knowledge that their loved one is in a better place or some form of explanation to help them come to terms with tragedy. And in the end, if it helps them overcome grief and sorrow without harming anybody else, it is a good thing. Be it an emotional void or a knowledge void, God is what we use to fill it.